Mahars lose their dog Clay

Clays left us sooner than we thought On Saturday the 20th of February we said a last good-bye to our sweet dog Clay. Clay is the big dog shown on my home page. His picture will remain for a time where it is as a tribute to this unusually loving and loyal companion. It’s hard to […]

Love Story – Mahar Style

Two people…  a sea apart How on this earth did a northern California university professor pair up with a missionary serving on another continent? This is a question frequently asked of the Mahars. If you really want to know, here’s how the story goes. There was once… a middle-aged American professor… and a missionary living […]

Karkhov, Russia

“They Thought of Me” Pondering Life’s Mysteries – 1 – Based on an Excerpt from Shiny Shoes Vol. 1, Chapter 2: “Bare Feet Between Two Continents” Introduction In writing Shiny Shoes I’ve endeavored to remain accurate and true to Papa’s character and viewpoint throughout. Some readers, who knew Dad well, have commented that they hear […]