11-The Mystery of Childhood

Children in the Bible Part 11: Daniel and his friends Daniel, along with other captive children, had been walking all day long in the heat of the desert, and they were all getting very tired, hungry and thirsty. Most, like Daniel, were hurting inside because each step they’d walked took them further and further away from their […]

5-The Mystery of Childhood

Highlighting CHILDREN OF THE BIBLE Part 5: David Remember the story of Samuel and how he grew to be a great leader. He didn’t sit on a throne or wear a crown as most kings do, but he was a ruler and teacher for the people of God. He was also called a prophet because […]

4-The Mystery of Childhood

Highlighting CHILDREN IN THE BIBLE Part 4: Samuel God’s people had lived happily in Egypt for long time and were happy. But sadly everything suddenly changed. A new Pharaoh—who was like a king—ruled the country and he did not like the people of God. God saw what was happening and decided they should leave Egypt. He called Moses to lead […]

3-The Mystery of Childhood

Highlighting Children in the Bible Part 3: Moses Joseph was happy to have his family close to him in Egypt, and as the years went by and the little children grew up and became Mommies and Daddies in their turn, the family got bigger and bigger and soon there were many grandpas and grandmas, and […]

2-The Mystery of Childhood

Highlighting Children in the Bible Part 2: Joseph A young boy named Joseph, who lived in Canaan, was next to the youngest son of a man called Jacob who owned many sheep and goats. He had a younger brother called Benjamin and ten older brothers who took care of their Dad’s animals by protecting them […]


News on Three Continents “What do you know Paprika Parrot, we’re back on our blog. I almost feel like I need to reintroduce you, my pretend pet, sitting up there on top of our blog page.” “It’s good to be back. I’ve been pecking at you, screeching at you, and even nibbling your books, but you were […]


Part One Introduction What connection might our fast-paced age of high-tech electronics, super-sonic travel, and global networking have with ancient Babylon? Now that’s a question much too complex to answer in one sentence except to state simply that the word BABYLON provides an insightful view of our past, and a fast forward of our future. Countless mysteries still lie […]

Wise Men From the East

“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east” (Matthew 2:1). Amidst staggering world events, concerns over the economy, wars, pressures of daily life, health, grief over loved ones who have recently left us, and the unknown future, it seems […]

BREAKING NEWS: Clement Kroeker in Congo

A Personal account The following is a condensation of Kroeker’s personal letters written to family  and close friends chronicling his role as an invited observer for the momentous event of DR Congo’s 2011 election. This is actually a repeat performance as he served in the same capacity in the elections of 2006. Introductory note: For […]

BelkA of BABYLON Reader Reviews

Martha – Professional world travel guide, musician, speaker “No, it isn’t a metronome I saw in my mind’s eyes as I began reading your BelkA of BABYLON—more nearly an ancient map stretched across your office walls with small flags like war positions on a map as your groups advanced! I usually read to about 1 […]