Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joanne Kroeker Mahar Page-Turning Biblical Fiction Recreates World of Daniel Novel dramatizes story of Scriptures’ spread throughout ancient world LONGWOOD, FL—A daring rescue, a life-changing encounter, a mission to preserve the Sacred Writings from total destruction—a newcomer on the biblical fiction market spins a tale that sweeps you into the […]

End of the World Panic

Most of us have seen the many billboards on our American freeways announcing a day of judgment—that never happened. Dark Clouds In the wake of our present economic distress, aftereffects of terrorism, globalization, unprecedented scientific-technological advances, environmental concerns, people movements, wars, nuclear bombs, disease, killer asteroids, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other catastrophes, many of us […]


BelkA of BABYLON   “Paprika Parrot, why are you staring at me in that bossy way?” “When are you going to get around to making that big announcement about you know what?” “Soon, I hope.” “It had better be soon because I can’t stand the suspense. You know I can’t keep secrets. “How well I […]