Beauty That Counts

“Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson Los Angeles, California 1930 Excerpt from Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths vol. 1, Chapter 11: Dainty White Pumps… Well, Not Quite Abe Speaking: “One thing I’d learned about Mary in our courting days was her embarrassment over her long, size ten feet. She dressed […]

Shoes Polished by Grace

We hold that man is never so near grace as when he begins to feel he can do nothing at all.—C. H. Spurgeon, High Doctrine, June 3, 1860. Dallas Oregon, 1927 Based on excerpt from: Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths, Vol. 1 Chapter 9, Bright Shiny Shoe Polished by Grace “As the family was settling in […]

Soggy Boots and a Hard Heart

“Grace has meaning only when men are seen as fallen, unworthy of salvation, and liable to eternal wrath…” — C. Samuel Storms Pete-Center, Abe lower right Based on excerpt from Shiny Shoes on Dusty PathsVolume 1, chapter 8: …In the Boot of a River Rat” Father’s ambitious spirit resulted in a thriving business with a combined […]

Crooked Paths Part 1

“Solomon had a very honest approach to life. All of his remarks relating to the futility of life are there for a purpose: to lead us to seek fulfillment and happiness in God alone. He was not trying to destroy all hope, but to direct our hopes to the only One who can truly fulfill […]

Childhood Influences

“God’s grace turns out men and women with a strong family likeness to Jesus Christ, not milksops.” -Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) Place: Herbert, Saskatchewan, 1916 Based on excerpt from Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths, Vol I Chapter 7: Child Shoes Surrounded by Giants “As family members continued to come from Russia, some of them became our […]

Love Story – Mahar Style

Two people…  a sea apart How on this earth did a northern California university professor pair up with a missionary serving on another continent? This is a question frequently asked of the Mahars. If you really want to know, here’s how the story goes. There was once… a middle-aged American professor… and a missionary living […]

Immigration Jesus Style

“God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that can be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other” —Reinhold Niebuhr (American theologian, 1892-1971) Winkler, Manitoba Canada Based on excerpt from Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths Vol 1 Chapter 3: Baby Shoes with […]