End of the World Panic

Most of us have seen the many billboards on our American freeways announcing a day of judgment—that never happened.

Dark Clouds

In the wake of our present economic distress, aftereffects of terrorism, globalization, unprecedented scientific-technological advances, environmental concerns, people movements, wars, nuclear bombs, disease, killer asteroids, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other catastrophes, many of us feel uneasy and warnings such as these make us jittery—at least temporarily—but when the countdown comes and goes without even a whisper of change, we shrug our shoudlers and move on with our lives.

But is there some truth in the potential of a yet pending day of judgment?


According to science the end of the world is a very real possibility, and according to the Bible it’s a definite reality.

The Bible has proven itself trustworthy in its survival from ancient times and its fulfillment of some 2500 prophecies, many of which were made hundreds of years in advance.

The book BelkA of BABYLON is an imagined account of how some precise prophecies of judgment were fulfilled in 586 BC. The following gives a brief background.

Way back in the days of Moses about 1450-1410 BC, God made a covenant with his people whereby He gave them laws they were to observe carefully, promising that if they would be faithful to the terms proposed, He in turn would bless, protect and care for them. But if they disobeyed He would judge them severely.

Alas, soon after they were lured into a downward spiral of disobedience. Prophets were raised up to remind and warn people of the risks they were taking, but most paid little heed. Why? Because they liked the sinful lifestyles they’d adopted. Idolatry, greed, dishonesty, disrespect for God and His worship, immorality, perverting justice, were but a few of their indulgences.

False prophets also emerged who mocked the truth by giving contradictory messages and ridiculing the authentic voices of their day, while also dulling the consciences of the people by their evil role-modeling. But since God is faithful to His word, judgment fell just as it was predicted. Thankfully, in spite of all the chaos, terror, herding of exiles, and destruction of the capital of Jerusalem, the scrolls, that would later become part of the Bible, survived.

There are still, however, biblical prophecies that await fulfillment. Are we ready?


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