BelkA of BABYLON Reader Reviews

Martha – Professional world travel guide, musician, speaker

“No, it isn’t a metronome I saw in my mind’s eyes as I began reading your BelkA of BABYLON—more nearly an ancient map stretched across your office walls with small flags like war positions on a map as your groups advanced!

I usually read to about 1 AM; but with BelkA, I looked at the clock through tired eyes but eager page turning, and saw it was 3:15 AM!

Just finished tonight and am now as children awaiting another Lewis Narnia tale, so when’s N° 2 coming out? A great story.”

Bob —Retired military officer

Reads like a thriller

Pete—Avid reader and critic

Good components:

  • Within the context of empire and conquest, good trade and domestic scenes.
  • The prophets communicated with one another and were shown as real people
  • Different levels of spiritual maturity: believers—non-believers, good, normal and evil people
  • Yahweh lives even without the Temple
  • Wedding preparations invoke images of Song of Solomon and the Psalms.
  • Good ending. Glad you included the song of the exiles

Kathleen—Professional business woman, wife and mother

“BelkA of Babylon” was such a compelling read, that within a few pages, I was completely hooked, and found myself reading late into the night. The development of the characters and setting, places the reader back in ancient Babylon where one has the sense of being there personally and involved in the story. While the imagery was vivid, and the story compelling, I found that some issues resonated with me on a much more profound level. Mrs. Mahar masterfully weaves a spiritually rewarding thread of the divine throughout her work that leaves the reader personally wanting a closer relationship with the Creator of the universe.

There’s a quote in the book I would highlight which summarizes the longing a reader is left with upon finishing the book:

“…When one gets as old as me, he begins to view life as a hieroglyph traced for a moment in the sand but vanishing with a puff of the wind. Some, however, leave behind a standing evidence to benefit unborn generations, something more valuable than gold or silver or magnificent objects….”

BelkA of Babylon is one of those books that impacts the reader in an unforgettable fashion, leaving a mark on the soul that fosters prayerful introspection and a yearning search for one’s own mission in life that might contribute to the overall anointed plan that God has for mankind.

I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a journey of entertainment that also leaves a feeling of time well spent. I am eagerly anticipating the next in the trilogy. I loved this book!

Tim—Retired from a financial industry 

I loved both of Joanne’s books (Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths and BelkA of Babylon). She is a skilled story teller and I expect her books to have a huge success. BelkA of Babylon is fascinating. I found it especially interesting to feel how life was like in those days.

Kathy—Teacher—wife of seminary professor

I finished reading your book a little while ago and wanted to tell ou how much I enjoyed it. Your research and background information was incredible. It was fun to get to know you better through your writing. I hope the other twowill also be published. I’d love to read them.


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