BREAKING NEWS: Bibles Reach Congo’s Interior

The Impossible Has Happened

2012-10 CONGO  - 0716

 A deep concern on the hearts of many of us has been the lack of Kikongo Bibles in Congo’s vast  interior.
On this last trip my brother, Clement (Bud) Kroeker, along with his helpers, Erik and Jeremie, were able to take Bibles to every church they visited.
Bibles Matende
Unfortunately they had to ration them to three Bibles at each place, but what ecstatic rejoicing there was when people saw Bibles in their own language.
Thus far, most of Bud’s helpers have been Belgians, but recently a friend in the U.S. has offered to join Bud on his next trip in April or May.
Please pray as they
seek guidance concerning dates, and for funds needed for projects. The most urgent task before them is a roof that was destroyed in a recent storm at Matende. Meanwhile, church services are still held in dire circumstances.
To all who have contributed to the Open Heart project thus far, we say, “Merci Mingi,” or thank you so very much.
«Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.»
(Mark 13:31)

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