The Mystery of Childhood



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Most of us would agree that we had no control over the circumstances that preceded or led to our birth. We had no choice with regard to our parents, our genes, the location of our birth, our race or our socio economic circumstances. These were determined before we were conceived and without any input of our own. Yet, our first impressions had enormous impact upon our lives.


The Giver of Life

Were we wanted or were we an accident? Judging by the number of abortions on record, many would fall into the “accident” category. Is that important, or not? Is life cheap? If so, why are there ambulances or emergency wards?

The Bible says that God is the author of life. He made the earth and all that is in it. He gives the breath of life to all mankind. Each life is a gift from Him. We are made after His image, though marred by the consequences of sin. The Prophet Jeremiah stated the following words that he received from God, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” (Jer. 1:5); the Psalmist wrote, (Ps. 139:13-14) “… you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” What could be more awesome than life itself. Even the greatest scientists admit that the structure of the human body is meticulously designed, fitted and framed with bones and muscles, along with intricate parts such as eyes, ears, heart, brain, hands and feet, and above all the breath of life in a living soul capable of living forever.

A friend of mine is the result of a failed abortion. Her childhood has been marked by pain and a sense of being unwanted and resented, yet today she’s a medical nurse, a happily married wife, and a Mom with two strong young boys who—in their turn—are living miracles.

The Divine Orchestrator

Each life is known by God from before he or she was even born. God has a precise plan for each life and through His providences, He “works everything for our good.” It may not involve success as the world sees it, in fact God laughs at some of the best-laid schemes of men and women, and their view of success. Even in the secular world, one may rise like a bright star in the night, only to plunge and fade out.

Many of the Bible stories—such as David for example—are about people with below average potential or circumstances, but who achieve great success. Others, with every possible advantage, stumble and fall. Throughout the pages of God’s Word—and human history—we can trace the hand of the Divine Orchestrator of each life. His providences are mysterious and marvelous. Many of these may never be on the list of “the rich and famous,” but far better that that, have their lives recorded in God’s Book of Life.

The Children of the Bible

I hope you’ll enjoy the profiles of the children I have chosen in the Bible who reflect God’s special interest in childhood. They are like “sparrows” in his hand, or special objects of His care as He models them each one for His high purposes. Though the stories are intended for children, they reflect concepts important to all of us.

The biblical record does not give names for all the children mentioned, perhaps to  allow the incidents of their lives to stand out more prominently. The following is the list of children I have chosen to highlight in following posts:






The Widow’s Son

The Captive Maid




John the Baptist


Miscellaneous Children

A Ruler’s Daughter

Boy Who Shared His Lunch



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