7-The Mystery of Childhood


Part 7: The Little Captive Girl

A Servant Girl Tells Naaman's Wife About the Prophet II KIngs 5:2-3

A Servant Girl Tells Naaman’s Wife About the Prophet II KIngs 5:2-3

A long, long time ago there lived in a land called Syria, an important captain named Naaman, who had bravely fought many battles for his king and his country. But the captain now faced a difficult problem. He had caught a miserable sickness called leprosy that caused horrible sores to break out on his body, and no doctor could help him get well.

At this time there was in the home of Naaman, a little girl whose name is not mentioned in the Bible. All we know is that she’d been taken as a captive by soldiers of Syria when they were fighting wars in her own land of Israel, and that the captain had brought her to his home to be a servant for his wife.

Now this little girl had been very scared, when she was snatched from her parents, whom she loved so much, and taken to far-away Syria. She’d been homesick for her Mom and Dad and terribly sad, but she remembered all that they’d taught her about God, who loved her and cared about her. They also taught her to forgive her enemies and to be kind toward them, even when they were unkind toward her.

It was hard at first, but as she did her work well and was thoughtful and polite, they in turn tried hard to make her happy.

2 Maid & wife

One day as she came to bring food to her mistress, she found her crying. Gently she put the tray on the table and asked, “Can I help somehow, my lady.”

Her mistress looked into the gentle eyes of her little maid and realized that she truly did care, so she said, “My husband, Naaman your master, is sick with a terrible illness called leprosy and there’s no one and no medicine that can help him get well.”

The little maid now felt sad too. Then she remembered that in her country there was a prophet, called Elisha, who sometimes helped people to get well—with God’s help. So she told her mistress about him and said gently, “I know he could help my master.”

Her mistress stopped crying. “Are you sure?”

The little maid nodded her head. “I’m very sure.”

“Well, I’m going to tell my husband right now,” she said and off she went.

2B Naaman

Later her master himself said to her, “Thank you for telling us about Elisha the prophet. Now I want you to know that I’ve decided  to go to him as soon as I can.”

“O good,” the little girl said as she clasped her hands tightly together. “I know that our God, will heal my master.”

Naaman goes to Israel for healing from leprosy II KIngs 5:5

Naaman goes to Israel for healing from leprosy II KIngs 5:5

So when Naaman left, the little maid said to herself, It would be so wonderful if he could come to know our God who is powerful. His gods are but idols. They’re worthless and scary.

When Naaman and his soldiers arrived at the home of Elisha he went to the door and knocked.

It was Elisha’s servant who answered the door and told Naaman, “My master Elisha says you must go to the River Jordan, and there you must dip yourself seven times.”


Upon hearing this, Commander Naaman was furious. He was, first of all, not at all pleased that the prophet had sent his servant to the door instead of coming himself. After all, he was a great war hero. And why should he dip himself into that filthy river when there were cleaner ones back in his own country?  He turned around and stomped his feet as he ordered his soldiers to mount their horses and get him back to Syria.

“But Master,” one of the soldiers near him said, ” should you not rather obey what the prophet ordered?”

Proud Naaman stomped his fee and said, “Bah, if he’s a prophet he could have just said some magic words that would have instantly made me well?”


Again his soldier insisted. “You could at least obey what the prophet said,” while another waiting a little ways behind said, “Please, Master Naaman, do as he said.” Then another added, “If he’d asked you to do something difficult, wouldn’t you have done it? What he asks you to do seems strange and stupid, but what if it should work after all?”

“Why should I dip myself in that filthy river?”

The soldiers together now shouted together, “Please try Master.”

“Oh, all right,” the Commander said. “Let’s go and get it over with.”

4-River Jordan

So they went to the Jordan River where they found a surprisingly beautiful spot where he could easily walk down a sandy beach and into the river that wasn’t so dirty after all. There the captain, encouraged by his soldiers, stomped into the river and dipped himself once, then again, and again. There was no change. He sill had those awful spots. He dipped the fourth, fifth, and sixth time, still nothing happened!

6-naaman bathing1

“Once more,” the soldiers shouted with excited voices.” And so he held his nose and dipped one last time. This time he stared at his hands, his arms, his chest. He felt his face.  Why, of all things, his entire body was as smooth as that of a young man.


He looked up with amazement and shouted, “I’m healed.” Then he started jumping up and down and waving his arms as he ran toward the shore. “Look at me” he shouted. “I’m healed!”

9 images-4

Before returning to his homeland Naaman went once more to Elisha’s house to thank him, and to pay him for helping him. This time it was Elijah himself who came to the door, and when Naaman offered him money and presents, Elijah shook his head and said, “No Captain Naaman, I will take nothing. It was not me who healed you but God, and He doesn’t need your money. Money does not buy God’s love and favor.”

Naaman was shocked. “He doesn’t want my money?” He still didn’t realize that money cannot buy God’s help. Nor does money wash away our sins. What God wants most of all is for us to believe, to trust and to obey Him.


When Naaman and his soldiers got back to his home in Syria, his family, friends and lots of other soldiers were there to greet him and to celebrate his healing. The little maid didn’t know what she should do, since she was only a maid, so she stayed behind the crowd that began to clap and cheer and party. Then, suddenly, the Captain noticed her standing all by herself with tears in her eyes. He nudged his wife and both of them went to her. Then Naaman took her hands into his and said, “We’ve watched you and seen how sweet and helpful you’ve been even though you were far from your loved ones and country. We want to thank for that and also for telling us about the prophet Elisha. Now look at me? I’m healed, and it’s because of you.”

“No, Master Naaman,” the little maid said with a big smile, “it was God who healed you. I’m just His little helper.”

“Indeed you are, little one, and we are grateful for you—and because of you—we have discovered that your God is truly the only true God.”

The little maid clapped her hands with joy, as she said, “I’m so glad,” while in her heart she thanked God for healing her Master and for helping her to live for Him in that foreign land.



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