9-The Mystery of Childhood

Highlighting Children of the Bible

Part 9: Manasseh

2-Isaiah visits Manasseh

Manasseh was born to good King Hezekiah who loved him and taught him about the true God.

Alas, when the young prince was only twelve years old, his Dad died and he suddenly became the new king.

At this time strange things were happening. Some were good, others were very bad. The good happening was that the wise prophets often visited the  palace with messages from God—especially the great prophet Isaiah.

3-Idolatry era Manasseh

The bad thing was that young king Manasseh, instead of following the warnings and the good advice of the prophets, would just laugh at them. He just turned his back and instead of taking their wise advice, he listened to the evil and selfish men who brought in the popular and false gods of other nations such as Baal and Asherah. Besides that they bowed to the sun, moon, and stars and played around with all kinds of crazy ideas like magic and witchcraft.


When Manasseh grew up he became cruel and mean, especially toward God’s people.

5-Manasseh taken to Babylon

Thing kept getting worse and worse, and then all that the prophets had warned him about began to happen. Soldiers of another kingdom called Assyria showed up with a vast army. They captured Manasseh, bound him with heavy chains and took him to far off Babylon where he was put in prison.

6-King Manasseh Prison

There Manasseh began to realize how very much he had offended the true God by all his mean and wicked actions and he was very sorry.

God heard his prayer and answered by forgiving him and soon he was freed from the awful prison. Soon he was back in the land of Judah where he would reign once more. There he tried very hard to correct the wrong things he’d done. He took away the idols and tried to stop the evil and discusting things people were doing, but the people paid little attention. He learned that though God had forgiven his sin, others were not always willing to follow his advice nor his example. They thought it was fun to do evil. It made Manasseh sad to see that the people paid little attention to his words. If only he’d done things right from the beginning when he was a young boy!

Boys and girls need to understand that Satan does not love us. He doesn’t care if we’re happy or sad. He lies to us and tries to bully us to do wrong things. Then he laughs with glee when we’re hurt by the wrong things we’ve done.

7-three-empty-crosses-sunset-211x300Let us remember that God loves us so much that he took the awful punishment for our sins, so that when we’re sorry—like King Mansseh—He forgives us. But even better than that, He wants us to give ourselves to Him so that He can keep us out of the many troubles and sad things that sin causes. If we turn to him when we’re young and obey Him and follow his commandments, we won’t have the regrets that Manasseh had. Besides that, we know for sure that someday we’ll live with Him forever in a place where there is no sin, sickness, sadness or death.


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