Shiny Shoes

Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths

is a two-volume collection of true “stories in shoes” recounting the true life story of my missionary Dad: Abe Kroeker, while at the same time providing inspirational thoughts that touch and encourage us all as we walk in all kinds of shoes through our own journey through life.

Volume One

tells of his immigrant background as his parents, just prior to his birth, left Russia for Canada. Born in Winkler, Manitoba, the family then moved to British Columbia. After a tragic drowning accident that claimed the life of Abe’s two brothers, the family migrated once again to the United States. As a young man Abe was a rebel, a daredevil and on the way to becoming an alcoholic when he went through a complete turn-around. His rowdy companions claimed, “He got religion,” but it was much more than that. He discovered the grace of God that transforms lives and gives them meaning and purpose. It was the beginning of a whole new life of unimagined adventures and thrills beyond all he’d ever imagined. Volume I ends after his first two terms in Africa and their return to the States in the middle of World War One.