Thanks for stopping by.

Here I am waiting for you in my garden. I’m Joanne.

And here’s my dog Suzie, a Dandie Dinmont and Jack Russel terrier mix,

and  that feathered fellow at the very top… with his slow-blinking eye and cocky attitude is Paprika Parrot.

It appears that he’s chosen to abandon his perch on this tree for a more lofty vista. What a relief. He can really be obnoxious at times. Would you believe it, he manages even to embarrass himself. We’ll just leave him be.

Papaya's domain

Let’s pretend it’s a lovely summer day and you’ve dropped by for a cup of English tea and a friendly chat in my back yard. Rambunctious Suzie will settle down in a bit and Paprka Parrot seems to be minding his own business… at least for the moment.

So please make yourself comfortable on our swing and stay as long as you wish.


Some people think of missionaries as austere and boring creatures. Since I happen to be one, I ask that you withhold judgment until you’ve read some of my articles. Oops, watch out, Paprika’s swooping down. Woosh, he’s gone again and good  riddance to him.

The Connection Between Joanne Kroeker and Joanne Mahar

You may have noticed that, Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths was written by Joanne Kroeker, so who’s Joanne Mahar?

They’re both actually the same person, only Joanne Kroeker has become Joanne Mahar.

It all happened in the summer and fall of 1998. On my  post “Love Story” you’ll find the whole story.

Please stay a while if you can

To make your stopover enjoyable I’ve made you a cup of tea to help you relax. It happens to be British tea that I serve to special people like you. I learned to make it a long time ago when I attended a British school in Zambia, where my teachers taught me the skill behind proper English tea. Actually it’s no secret. What you do is heat the pot by pouring hot water into it, then empty the pot and drop in one teaspoon of typhoo tips for each person you’re serving, plus one for the pot. Finally let it steep a few minutes till it takes on a golden brown tone.

It’s ready now so sit back and enjoy the tea along with the international goodies I’ve prepared for you, while we chat on all kinds of issues: some sparked from the books Shiny Shoes, or about things going on in Congo, or about my life, my writing etc. If you feel inclined, feel free to comment. I hope you’ll find your visit worthwhile and inspiring.